“The most unique, refreshing, fun, prophetic and musical group I have ever heard…”
--B. Washam, InnerCHANGE

Jon Felton’s Soulmobile has been traipsing around for quite some time. From its beginnings as a one-man-band to their current family-size status, they have carted their junkyard assembly of instruments, conversations and quirky arrangements all over. They’ve met amazing people. Several of these friendships old and new converged at 2006’s PAPA festival in Tennessee, where conversations began which ultimately resulted in a home for Soulmobile at Potter Street Records.

Their sound is the one where you make something beautiful and unified out of seemingly separate parts. That’s the sound they’re going for. That’s the one they strain their ears to hear.

“…Think early Pedro the Lion meets later Danielson Famile, with the raw intensity of early Violent Femmes and the charming quirkiness of bands like Teen Beat's Jonny Cohen...”
--Isidore Records.com

“…a unique indie acoustic fusion of folk, bluegrass, rock, gospel, and catchy storytelling…”
–B. Washam

“…like a night around the campfire…”
--M. Lease, Annabelle’s Aspirin

“…carnival folk.”
--WERU, Maine community radio

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Jon Felton's Soulmobile is like a really smart carnival that sings sad songs and sing-a-longs. Personality is the order of the day and Soulmobile delivers, matching quirky-but-catchy arrangements to Jon’s sensitive and arresting lyrics. Unassuming but excellent, Soulmobile sympathetically re-opens old wounds and suggests hope.

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