Jes Karper has been deeply connected to AWIP since our beginning. His musical stylings and adventurous spirit have made a lasting impression on AWIP, The Simple Way and thousands of fans from the United States, Mexico and especially Belize which has been his home for nearly a decade. When Jes puts the guitar down -- as he does from time to time–he is an environmental research leader and cartographer for the University of Belize and a number of NGO's protecting the country's jungles, caves, rivers and reefs. As you can imagine, this gives him plenty of opportunity for caving, diving, kayaking and surfing. Jes Karper lives a life of adventure with a strong focus on the earth and spirituality. We're lucky enough to hear him sing of it.


01 - Try On Life
02 - Present Tense
03 - My Country Tis of Thee
04 - Followin' The Sun
05 - Dancing Wild
06 - Alone All One
07 - Deep Roots Vision
08 - Chant Down the Walls
09 - Unblemished Christ
10 - Culcucan Clip
11 - Reparar La Mente Jam
12 - Always Lovin' You
13 - Present Tense Unplugged
14 - Time Stands Still

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