Who We Wanna Be: We are the cry of the exodus. There is no home for us here. We are a nomadic tribe of psalters walking in the footsteps of ancients past to the far corners of the present; united as one voice against the oppression within and without. One more echo in the eternal Song of our First Love, our Hope, our Pillar of Fire.

Sounds Like:
The percussive clank of chain links attached to dozens of defiant stomping feet across the marbled business floor desert, fists raised high, open mouthed screaming brittle sirens over the hum of computers, air filtration systems and the muddy thud of a thousand apathetic hearts.

music of diaspora; bedouins, tuaregs, and romani peoples etc. old spirituals, orthodox chants; klezmer, appalachian, Iraqi traditional maqam, west african ballet, timbalada, music from the silk road. 16hp/Woven Hand, Tarif de Haidouks, Ballydowse, Tom Waits, Talking heads, Fugazi, Danielson Famile, Arrested Development, Kayhan Kalhor, the Bulgarian Women's Choir, Sepideh Vahidi, Ken Butler, Mamady Keita, Hossam Ramzy, ....sounds of the man made mechanized mammon mound machinery as performed by our robot

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